Best Enduro Bikes: The List That You Should Know

Enduro racing is, at the moment, the forefront of mountain biking with the demands of long days on the pedals. You can also compete with long, technical descents with different challenges downhill courses for their difficulty. The latest breed of enduro bikes is great at spinning up hills and throwing themselves down steep chutes, through different rock gardens, and over huge gaps.

1. Trek Slash 8: The Best Enduro Bike on the List

The Trek Slash 8 has a great balance of fun and lively feel and ultimate chaos-calming composure. You can rest assured that this bike will tick all the boxes that you need for your enduro bike. These types of bikes are designed to go downhill as fast as possible. On top of that, they should also be as efficient.

The Trek Slash 8 has been upped to 160 mm at the rear and has a longer travel fork up in the front (170 mm). It has the Trek’s Active Braking Pivot (ABP) suspension system that places the chainstay pivot concentric in the rear axle.

It is designed to enable the bike to tune the suspension that reacts to acceleration and braking forces independently. Also, it may look unchanged, Trek has moved the main pivot up slightly in a bid to increase anti-squat, and the pedal on the Trek Slash 8 is more efficient than the other models before it.

Just like any enduro bike, the Trek Slash 8’s geometry has been slackened, stretched, and steepened so that your ride will be confident and stable on descents as well as centered on climbs. It is also fitted out with a kit that will have people thinking that it is worth its price tag.

Thanks to the easy-rolling tires of the Trek Slash 8, it is incredibly easy-going when you are riding pointed uphill. There is no need to reach down for the shock’s lever to firm things up and all you have to do is manage it to sit relatively high in its travel and remain stable.

Since the shock wasn’t sinking too deep into the travel, the Trek Slash 8 managed to maintain its steep seat angle, which will put you in a nice, efficient, comfortable position during a climb. Even if you are climbing steeper pitches, you won’t feel the need to firm the shock up.

For descending, the Trek Slash 8 has a frame that is well-considered proportions and offers a well-centered, confident ride position that will not take long to adapt to. Once you are on a pointed-down, steeper, more natural trail, you will be impressed with how well-balanced the bike will feel.

It works tirelessly when you are trying to eke out every ounce of traction that is available on this bike. Though it may lack a bite on the XR4 rear tire, it doesn’t offer quite the same in terms of corner traction or braking grip compared to the other enduro bikes out there.

Overall, the Trek Slash 8 will impress you every time you use it. It provides great performance when it comes to tackling steep and natural trails. You can take the Trek Slash 8 in the nastiest terrain that you can find.

2. Nukeproof Mega 290 Alloy Pro: Great for Any Trail

With the Nukeproof Mega 290 Alloy Pro, the performance has been upped by making it livelier and more fun to ride in different terrains. It can also be capable of going through the different rough stuff. The bike is also available in five different frame sizes, which makes it easy for riders to find a bike that will fit them.

When the frame size increases, the seat tube angle steepens to help place the riders in the most comfortable position as much as possible. During descents, the Nukeproof Mega 290 Alloy Pro feels more exciting and playful compared to its predecessor.

Aside from that, it pitches well into high-speed corners, which is thanks to the well-balanced geometry it offers. During climbs, the Nukeproof Mega 290 Ally Pro pedals well, despite the short cockpit it has and feels comfortable as well as not cramped.

The suspension of this enduro bike feels well balanced with a 170 mm travel RockShox Lyrik Select+ fork and 160 mm at the rear, which is damped by a Super Deluxe Select+ shock. Aside from that, it is also equipped with its own bar, stem, grips, and saddle. Everything is well made with this enduro bike and has worked well when being used in different trails.

The Nukeproof Mega 290 Alloy Pro is an enduro bike that is easy to ride with great geometry and well-balanced suspension. Rest assured that your money will be well spent in all the right places with this enduro bike, which will help when you are looking to take this bike straight from the shop to the trail or race track.

3. Orbea Occam M30: The Jack of All Trades in Enduro Bikes

You can say that the Orbea Occam M30 is the jack of all trades of enduro bikes. However, it doesn’t make it the master of any. It does a great job of balancing the fine line between a trail and an enduro bike. The handling of this enduro bike is easy on any type of trail.

The Orbea Occam M30 has 140 mm of travel front and rear, and it comes with Fox’s lightweight 34 forks. These features will keep the front end light and snappy. It has a combination of Shimano’s SLX and XT components that is perfect for delivering power from your legs to the wheels.

The Orbea Occam M30 is a 12-speed drivetrain that is one of the most precise and durable enduro bikes out there. It also offers a great price point with the specification that it offers. The spec and suspension travel of this enduro bike is the best feature that it can provide.

It has an intelligent geometry that helps it perform harder than its travel number suggests. The Orbea Occam M30 has a 76.5-degree angle that will make you comfortable during the pedaling position, combined with a slack of 65.5-degree head tube angle that keeps the front end composed while you descend on steep, gnarly trails.

You can also swap a longer air spring into the fork and throw on some burly tires as well as a daily driver with lighter tires wouldn’t be a bad choice if you want to use this for marathon racing. The personality of this enduro bike definitely shines clear since it provides a precise ride and not a plow.

The Orbea Occam M30 is designed for riders who like to dance and prop their way down the trails. It will provide a rewarding, playful feel. If this is what you want, then this is the perfect enduro bike for you.

4. Specialized Enduro Comp Carbon 29: Smoothest Enduro Bike

You can ride the Specialized Enduro Comp Carbon 29 in the nastiest terrain without any trouble. Now, Specialized doesn’t offer an enduro frame in aluminum, and they don’t intend to either. This version uses the same feature as the Expert and Elite Specialized models, and with this model, you will get a more cost-effective aluminum frame instead.

The rear and front triangles are made from Specialized’s 11m FACT carbon. The tube sits the SWAT (Storage, Water, Air, Tools) door that will provide access to a handy storage compartment where you can stash your essential belongings. These belongings are your tube, CO2 inflator, and other things that you think are essential to your bike adventure.

The geometry comes in four sizes, which are from S2 to S5. The S3 has a very generous reach of 646 mm at a low setting. However, the S5’s seat tube only grows by 20 mm, but you can potentially size it up if you want more reach.

The Specialized Enduro Comp Carbon 29 has a flip-chip at the base so that you can lower the shock mount and choose between high and low settings. When you are switching the chip around, it alters the bottom bracket height by seven mm and slackens or steepens the head as well as seat angle by 0.4 degrees.

It also comes with a suspension as smooth and supple as other enduro bikes on the market. Aside from that, it is also one of the most capable descenders out there, with a contemporary geometry still providing little in the way of excuse.

The suspension of the Specialized Enduro Comp Carbon 29 is ground-hugging with plenty of grips but can also make you feel a little sluggish on flatter. It also has more pedal sections, but if in descending performance is what you are after, the Specialized Enduro Comp Carbon 29 should be on the top of your list.

5. Vitus Sommet 29 CRX: Sleek-Looking Enduro Bike

The Vitus Sommet 29 CRX will provide a lively and energetic ride but will let you feel composed while riding on rough terrain. It offers amazing specs with the new carbon mainframe and revised suspension, and it offers real value for money.

The highlights of the Vitus Sommet 29 CRX are the Maxxis tires, Shimano brakes, and the full XT 12-speed groupset. It also has a new T7000 carbon front triangle which is mated to a 6061-T6 aluminum rear end with a revised suspension layout.

With these features, it will create a smooth, comfortable suspension platform during your ride on a terrain. It also continues to use a four-bar linkage design, and the shock is firmly fixed into a cradle above the bottom bracket junction on the bike.

The Vitus Sommet 29 CRX’s geometry is also overhauled, boasting plenty of changes that should be equivalent to a better bike on the trail. Now, there is a 25 mm bottom bracket drop, leaving the bottom bracket at 345 mm off the floor. Also, the head angle has been slackened to 63.8 degrees in a low setting on this large and effective seat angle. With this feature, it will create a more efficient seated climbing position while you ride.

During climbs, there is no energy-sapping from the suspension. On the other hand, the descents feel reactive without feeling harsh when things get bumpier, even when it isn’t the most gravity-orientated bike out there.

With all of these features, it makes the Vitus Sommet 29 CRX a great all-rounder. Whether you are clocking up big miles, at a bike park, or on enduro-style events, it will be the best enduro bike for you to use.

6. Yeti SB165: Monster Truck of Bikes

You can say that the Yeti SB165 is known to be the monster truck of bikes. It is a fast and forgiving, fun bike to ride on different terrains. The rear end of this enduro bike is progressive and can quickly absorb bumps while it provides a huge amount of grip. This means even in poor line choices, and the Yeti SB165 doesn’t provide any problems for the rider.

The geometry of the Yeti SB165 features a slack head angle, which enhances the confidence performance of the suspension. However, the longer the chainstays arguably might add to the improvement of its stability.

Ascending on this enduro bike is also easy, and this is all thanks to the Fox Factory DHX2 coil-sprung 165 mm rear shock. Now, the suspension on this bike will make it feel slower on the flat road, but this is offset by the bike’s low weight.

The bike’s low-weight feature is because of the carbon frame. The internal cable routing provides the Yeti SB165 with a minimal fuss aesthetic. It also provides a great look and will help the bike look fast as it rides. However, this enduro bike can lead to extra hassle in the work stand.

If you live in an area where there is a winter season, it is best to swap the tires on this enduro bike with winter-specific tires when the season closes in.

There is a downside to this enduro bike where the first is the handling of the internal cable routing. Even when you have guides, it can be hard to work around the internal cable routing. You may experience some linkage, and the bearing wears much sooner than you should expect.

7. Juliana Maverick C S: Intelligent Female-Specific Spec

The Juliana Maverick C S is based on Santa Cruz’s best-selling platform of all time, which is the Hightower. However, the said iteration manages to bump up the travel numbers as well as gain better pedal efficiency and intelligent female-specific spec.

The 150 mm Fox 36 fork paired with the 145 mm of lower-link VPP rear suspension, Code R brakes, and GX Eagle Drivetrain make this enduro bike’s intentions pretty clear. It is a bike that will go fast, no matter what sort of trail you are riding on today.

If you are racing a local enduro, the Juliana Maverick C S will go as fast as you like. With a mellow trail or trying to patch together miles of the unknown trail into a mega-loop, it can face all of the terrains that you may have in mind.

There is some versatility that comes with this enduro bike. The 77-degree seat tube angle and 65.5-degree head tube are right in line with the best bike on the market. However, plenty of the Juliana Maverick C S’s performance comes from the VPP suspension design.

With this feature, there will be no need for you to reach for your shock lockout, even on long smooth climbs. However, in chunder, the rear wheel of this enduro bike does remarkably well, and it will take the rider looking for a do-everything weapon, which makes the Juliana Maverick C S pretty hard to beat.

8. Nukeproof Mega 290 Carbon RS: Fanciest and Most Expensive

Another Nukeproof enduro bike that is a great option is the Nukeproof Mega 290 Carbon RS. If you have the money to splurge, it is best to go with this enduro bike. It is considered to be the fanciest and priciest Mega build. This enduro bike delivers a fast and lively ride due to its updated geometry and suspension.

The revamped version of the Mega brings 160 mm of travel to the rear of the bike due to the four-bar Horst link platform. It delivers a more dynamic ride compared to the previous models of the Mega line. Aside from that, it also offers plenty of support while you ride.

It also has a shorter chainstay and longer front end of the new geometry, which is paired with the updated suspension, provides the confidence to tackle rocky terrain and steeper trails. The spec of the Nukeproof Mega 290 Carbon RS is top of its class, but the tires and saddles can be replaced for a better ride.

The saddle can be a bit uncomfortable during long climbs, and the tires aren’t the fastest rolling. However, this enduro bike is still capable of going through trials that are rough and rowdy.

It can also hold a line through rocky turns scattered with square-edged hits and remaining composed. When you are going through jagged rocky outcrops, the ZEB Ultimate fork will help out with your grip.

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