Best Cycling Gloves: Protect Your Hands During Your Ride

One of the gears that you need to have a safe and comfortable ride is cycling gloves. Whether you are just riding your bike to work, on mountain trails, going for a long ride, or hitting a spin class, you would need the best cycling gloves as much as possible. There are a couple of factors that you need to consider so that you can make sure they are comfortable and not distracting.

Giro Bravo GelUpper material is lightweight
Wicks moisture
Optimized gel padding
Helps with vibration absorption
Microfiber wiping surface
Palm design with great grip
Sizes run small
GORE WEAR C5Made out of quality moisture-wicking materials
Pull-out loops between fingers
Great to remove the gloves
Snug fit
Ideal for road cycling
Sizes run small
LuxoBikeMade out of moisture-wicking lycra
Smart finger loops
Absorbent thumb towel to wipe away sweat
Great price
Soft foam padding is not as durable compared to higher-priced brands
Extended cuff for protection
Split-finger design to maximize warmth
Wrist is pretty narrow and difficult to put on
Sizes trend are pretty small
Souke SportsWater-resistant
Touchscreen compatible
Microfiber thumb to wipe the sweat
Not waterproof
Not effective under 40-degrees

Giro Bravo Gel Road Cycling Gloves: Best Gloves

Most of the cycling gloves on the market provide three fundamental features such as abrasion protection in case of a crash, shock absorption, vibration, and grip enhancement. The Giro Bravo Gel Road Cycling Gloves will provide all three of these features. It is the way these gloves deliver on these with the three-panel palm design that will make it the best pick.

The upper material of the Giro Bravo Gel Road Cycling Gloves is made out of breathable, moisture-wicking mesh that will fit perfectly on your hands. This feature is great for long rides during hotter weather when sweat, as well as fatigue, could complicate your braking or gear shifting.

The material that these gloves are made out of will provide a snug, secure feel. A good additional feature that is overlooked by a surprising number of other gloves is the pull tab on the bottom front of the gloves. It will make them easier to put on and remove when needed.

The Giro Bravo Gel Road Cycling Gloves also use a proprietary process which they call Superfit Engineering, to create a unique ‘three-panel palm design’ that is meant to conform to the natural shape of your hand. It means that the gel padding won’t be in the way of your hand articulation. This is nice when you have to brake or shift gears during your ride.

The downside to the Giro Bravo Gel Road Cycling Gloves is they run small, so you have to make sure you order a couple of sizes when ordering online. Aside from that, these cycling gloves are the best to wear during your ride, and they come in different colors that will match your style and preferences.

The Giro Bravo Gel Road Cycling Gloves are available for women on Amazon with a price range of $12.96 to $33.10, and men’s gloves are also available on Amazon from $24.94 to $45.00, depending on the size you choose.

GORE WEAR C5 Cycling Gloves: The Best Unisex Gloves

The company GORE WEAR has been around producing legendary all-weather athletics and adventure gear for more than 40 years, including cycling clothes, so it won’t be a surprise that their gloves are made with quality materials.

The GORE WEAR C5 Cycling Gloves are light and designed for riding during warm weather. The upper material is made with GORE Selected Fabrics that are both breathable and will wick away moisture. A great feature of these gloves is the loops sewn between the three middle fingers of each hand.

This feature helps remove the gloves, which are often an annoying chore after you have finished your long ride. The palm is perforated, and the back or upper material uses a net construction that will increase breathability.

Now, the biggest drawback of the GORE WEAR C5 Cycling Gloves is the sizing. The reason for this is the glove are unisex, and buyer feedback often warns how small these gloves run. It is best to check the sizing guidelines on Amazon to avoid any frustration of returning undersized gloves.

You can purchase the GORE WEAR C5 Cycling Gloves on Amazon for $26.82 to $40.00, depending on the size that you choose.

LuxoBike Cycling Gloves: Best Lightweight Gloves

The LuxoBike Cycling Gloves provide an amazing amount of quality for a great price. It is intended for warm weather cycling, and they are designed to maximize breathability without compromising grip and hand protection. The upper material is made from spandex and lycra, which makes it comfortable and secure to wear.

It is not only breathable, but it is also moisture-wicking. Just like any other glove on the market, the thumb is soft and designed to wipe your sweat away while you ride your bike. The anti-slip microsuede palm will help keep the gloves light and, at the same time, will provide a good grip on the handlebars.

LuxoBike also has a ‘smart’ finger loop feature that will make it easier to remove the gloves while you ride, which is a pretty good feature. The foam padding is good, but some may think it is not quite sufficient for serious mountain or dirt bike riding. Aside from that, this glove is a fantastic buy.

The LuxoBike Cycling Gloves are available on Amazon for $15.95, and they are available in different kinds of colors.

SEALSKINZ Waterproof Extreme Cold Weather Split Finger Glove

Some people won’t stop riding their bikes even when it gets cold. For you to do that, you will need special gloves, not just to keep you warm but also will let you control your bike and gears in inclement weather. The SEALSKINZ Waterproof Extreme Cold Weather Split Finger Glove is the perfect padded lobster glove for the cold weather.

These gloves are lobster-claw or split finger style mittens that are built quite differently than the other gloves on the market. The SEALSKINZ Waterproof Extreme Cold Weather Split Finger Gloves are made of three layers which are an outer waterproof layer, a middle layer made of polyurethane, and an inner layer made of polyester.

It is then topped off with Climashield insulation and an anti-slip lining that is made to prevent the lining from bunching or moving. This feature is a great improvement over older-style multi-layer gloves.

The SEALSKINZ Waterproof Extreme Cold Weather Split Finger Glove is pretty impressive since it enables an aggressive cyclist to perform in sub-freezing temperatures. If you need to shift gears or engage your brakes, you would need the dexterity to do so.

There are two downsides to the SEALSKINZ Waterproof Extreme Cold Weather Split Finger Glove. One is some buyers indicate the wrist is a bit narrow, which can be hard to put on, and the trend of the size is pretty small.

The SEALSKINZ Waterproof Extreme Cold Weather Split Finger Glove is available on Amazon for $71.58 to $108.33, depending on the size that you choose.

Souke Sports Winter Cycling Gloves: Best 40 to 50-Degree weather

The Souke Sports Winter Cycling Gloves are best for those who don’t stop riding, no matter cold it gets or until the snow starts falling. These gloves are rated to use from 40 to 50 degrees type of weather. They also feature touchscreen-sensitive fingertips, so you don’t need to take them off when you need to access your phone.

The outer layer is water-resistant and windproof, and the knitted cuffs are extended to give you better coverage as well as trap more warmth for your hands. The interior layer also has a fleece lining that will keep your hands warm and dry.

The Souke Sports Winter Cycling Gloves highlight the exterior with reflective elements that have a nice feature for riding during shorter winter days. The palm and middle fingers are lined with silica gel strips so that you can have extra grip.

The foam padding is evenly distributed in a three-piece configuration to help avoid material bunching in the middle and will provide better hand articulation.

The downside to the Souke Sports Winter Cycling Gloves is it is not waterproof and is advertised as ‘winter’ gloves, but it is not effective under a 40-degree type of weather.

The Souke Sports Winter Cycling Gloves are available on Amazon for $19.99, and it comes in different combinations of colors as well.

Different Types of Cycling Gloves that You Should Know

For you to pick the right cycling gloves, you need to think about what type of cycling you intend to do. Whether you are going mountain biking, road cycling, or other types of biking, then it should meet your needs. There are different types of cycling gloves that you can choose from that is available on the market, and I will be discussing them below.

Half-Finger or Fingerless Gloves

Half-finger or fingerless gloves are great for warm weather, and they look pretty much like weight-lifting gloves, with the fingers stopping short of the knuckle. The main purpose of these gloves is to protect your hands from any type of abrasions in case of a wreck. They tend to be made out of durable fabrics as well.

However, since you would wear these gloves during the spring and summer season but they are usually made to breathe and wick away any type of moisture. The idea of the half-finger or fingerless gloves is to provide maximum comfort and protection without interfering with your hand or finger articulation.

With this feature, you can comfortably adjust your gears and breaks anytime.

Full Finger Gloves

As the name suggests, these are the traditional gloves with hands completely covered. They can look like they are half-finger versions, with tight-fitting spandex-like materials. Aside from that, it can also look a little bit bulkier.

Full-finger gloves are best to use during mountain biking or dirt bike trail riding since they tend to be more heavy-duty and capable of handling inevitable spills that you might experience while hurtling around bends and tricky trails.

They can also be used for colder weather riding as well. The heavier or more insulated the gloves, the more clunky they feel on the fingers, but you will get used to them pretty quickly when the cold wind picks up during your ride.

Lobster Gloves

These gloves are perfect for those who just don’t want to stop riding when it is freezing cold outside. They are designed to function like mittens and allow for some hand articulation to adjust your gears and work on your brakes while you ride. The split-finger feature will keep two fingers together within an insulated interior to maximize your warmth.

It also allows you to manipulate your gears and brakes safely while you hold onto your handlebars. They also may take a little getting used to, but when you are ready to ride in the cold, you have shown you are ready to take on anything.

Features to Look for When Shopping for Cycling Gloves

To find the right cycling gloves for your needs while you ride, it is important to know the different features that you need to look for. Whenever you are looking for your cycling gloves, it is important to keep these features in mind.

Upper Part of the Cycling Gloves

The upper part of the cycling gloves covers the back of your hand and is woven into the palm. It is typically made out of stretchable, synthetic fabrics that will help the gloves fit snugly. Today, most gloves use breathable materials that will help your hands cool and wick any moisture or sweat while you ride your bike.

Palm Part of the Cycling Gloves

The palm part of the glove is made with durable materials such as suede or nylon. When you end up in a wreck, there will be a good chance that your hands will meet the pavement, so this part of the gloves will be thicker. Since thick materials can be pretty hard to breathe through, palm material is often perforated to allow for air circulation.

When you pay attention to how this fits when you try on your gloves, the excess material in the palm can bunch up in the middle of your hand whenever you are riding. This would make riding your bike a bit uncomfortable. Well-fitting gloves will conform closely to the shape of your overall hand.

Padding of the Cycling Gloves

Gel or foam padding is usually distributed through or sewn into the palm. There are a couple of styles, patterns, and amounts of thickness, but generally, the padding is intended to both absorb vibration as well as the impact that will assist with grip. The shape of your hand usually has a big impact on the effectiveness of the padding.

Make sure that you get to feel how the gloves feel on the handlebars. When the pads don’t feel like they align naturally on your palms, then the gloves may not be effective for you. It is best to choose another option at this point.

FAQs You Should Know

Are There Specific Gloves for Road and Mountain Bike Riding? There isn’t any, really. There are some gloves that are advertised as road gloves and others as MTB gloves. However, there isn’t any difference at all between the two. Most experienced riders you ask will tell you to find a few pairs of gloves that you like and then use them no matter what type of bike you are riding.

Are Cycling Gloves Washable? Yes, you can wash cycling gloves. It is important to read the manufacturer’s directions every time you buy one. There are some people who throw theirs in the washing machine after every use, but it is not right to take it that far.

It is best to wash your gloves in a sink of warm, soapy water every 250 miles or so. Let them air dry as well, and consider wearing them for a couple of minutes while they are still damp so that you can re-stretch them to their original shape. Remember that shrinkage, so it is best to air dry them.

Is the Best to Go With the Fingerless Cycling Gloves? It all boils down to when you plan to ride your bike. For winter or cold weather riders, it would be crazy and will defeat the purpose. However, for the summer season or mountain biking, fingerless cycling gloves are the best way to go.

The objective of wearing these types of gloves is to protect your hands and allow you to wipe any debris off your tires while you are moving. If you want to know all about mountain biking in the cold, here is an article that I have written.

Are Gloves Required While Riding Your Bike? No. However, if you don’t have them, you will soon wish you did. Sweat and vibration will make longer rides less pleasant when you have gloves on. It will also protect your hands in case of a crash.

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